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Unbreakable Internet

Peplink SpeedFusion is specifically designed for multi-WAN environments. Unlike conventional technology, SpeedFusion combines the bandwidth of all WAN connections to deliver high-speed, high-reliability, and high-security networking. It is resilient to Internet connection outages and your data is protected with 256-bit military-grade AES encryption.

Unbreakable Data Connection

With other VPN technologies, WAN failover terminates existing VPN connections, resulting in costly downtime. Our solutions provide Hot Failover and maintains secure tunnels over all available WAN links to keep you up and running when a connection drops out. If a WAN link fails, it Failover instantly and seamlessly routes traffic to a working tunnel for uninterrupted VoIP sessions, unbreakable VPNs, and all day, every day productivity.

Unbreakable VoIP

We provide state of the art technology to provide connectivity for VoIP over multiple branches. Combine the cellular reception of several service providers. If one provider should fail, others will take its place without any interruptions to your connections. 

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Zero Clients

with Zero Clients computing

Extend one PC to 30 Workstations at the same time

The zero client is a network computer terminal that effectively allows multiple users to simultaneously share the untapped resources of a PC desktop while still providing users with the same PC experience.Zero clients device, combined with server management software, provides an innovative way of desktop computing —  Sharing Computing, which delivers the same PC experience desktops to users at a fraction of the cost of a typical PC solution, while still offering a variety of  benefits over PCs. This technology allows organizations to implement one desktop computer to be used by more than 30 users at the same time which saves lots of licenses and hardware.


  • Real full HD local or online video

  • Any media format, any media player

  • 30fps, smooth in 1920*1080 resolution

  • 30 simultaneous 1080p videos on an i7 host

High Quality Audio

  • 16 bits 44.1/48 KHz high quality

  • Play and record in all supported OSs

  • Fully synchronized, only 0.1-0.2 sec delay

  • No configuration, plug and play

Broad USB Devices

  • Support a broad range of peripherals

  • No client driver required

  • Plug and play, works any time

  • No side issues like multiple printer copies or memory devices visible to everyone

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Multi-Touch Interactive Screen

State of the art multi-touch 4K interactive screen used for educational institutions and business meetings and marketing gathering. The screen comes with various sizes starting from 65" till 85". Up to 16 users can write on the screen at the same time with no lag and high precision free writing on multiple fingers or a stylus. It comes with two built-in PCs which holds Windows 10 and Android OS. the board has it's built-in switch and wireless access points to connect audience directly. The 4K support makes the resolution crystal clear for audience. The board can be used for interactive training and meetings and can be used as visual display for any high resolution content.


Special production display and fram

The glass surface layer, LED display technology and the durability of the frame give you extra confidence even with the special rough usage. The surface prevents reflection even in sunlight and still display content with clear view. With 4 follow-up camera systems, infrared technology and a 125 Hz response time, your touch gestures instantly find its presence on the screen. 

Interactive acces

Easily connect your network to your wired or wireless network. Interact with Bluetooth. Send and receive mail, exchange files, watch any Windows-supported video over the internet, listen to music, and spread your internet gadgets to the end. Work in sync with WiFi or bluetooth with easy connection to computer, smartphone or tablet.

USB & HDMI input

Quickly transfer presentations, documents with USB, interfere and record as you do on your computer. Watch your videos in HD quality by connecting to your video players and satellite receivers via HDMI input. Even in multi-touch gestures, you'll be amazed at the ability of your screen to keep up with your movements in real time.